FT Terrix

F&T Terrix® have teamed up with Alexo Global to offer clients an innovative and revolutionary range of building materials for new build and renovation projects.

The Terrix® range delivers world-class finishes on all their products including but not limited to; Polymer Silicate RENDERS, EWI systems, spray PLASTER and PAINTS.

In addition to the most comprehensive BRICKSLIPS highest in class systems.

Terrix® range offers many unique features with an array of benefits over other comparable products applied in the UK today.

  • Offering long term no delamination guarantees for all products
  • No blistering or peeling of any finishes
  • Colour retention which lasts for many years, longer than any other comparable product
  • Category A and B Flame retardancy
  • Water resistant barriers
  • Black mould and algae resistant
  • Best in class finishes
  • Brick slips that are so unique, not one are the same with amazing finishes