Love Ceramic Tiles

The brand name Love Tiles was created in May 2008, replacing the brand name Novagres. This recent project, associated with a new concept of emotional marketing, aimed at following a communication and marketing policy started two years before. The challenge was to bond people, through affections, to a way of being and feeling each space within their homes, created by elegant, exclusive and unrepeatable atmospheres.

The recent history of Novagrés – Indústria de Cerâmica, S.A. dates back eighteen years ago to the1990’s when it started its activity with the production of glazed paving tiles in a vitrified white body, going on to produce monoporosa coatings in 1996.


We went back to the roots where everything began. In a true awakening of senses, we find textures and decorations with a bond to sensory origins, to touch and visual sensations. A colourful and textural combination, collection settings bring terrain and sensory elements, as a starting point heading to elegance and irreverence. Versatile, Genesis presents ten different structures. Float, Desert, Dune and Wind remind fluidity and continuous movement. With Stellar and Rise we can understand the constant attraction for a tridimensional and strong design. As with Palm and Leaf nature patterns are visible and clear.
Its smooth colours also allow to build minimalistic settings and combine them with bold decoration. White and Sand are truly smoother and trendy colours, as for Black, Deep Blue and Red we can see the intense side of this collection.Its three available formats – 45×120, 35×100 e 30×60 – are the answer to residential and commercial wall coverings.

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This is how the environments of the new Native collection are. Love Tiles’ new wood, with strong Nordic inspirations, is a celebration of natural beauty and the effect of shadows and veins typical of dry wood. Native is made of porcelain stoneware and has a Nordic inspiration and a practical and functional look, ideal for residential spaces. The graphics highlight the features of a natural material, and the decorative flooring option with the ‘chevron’ pattern enhances the feeling of comfort and harmony and this is reflected throughout the collection. The collection also presents an integrated and versatile advantage for its finishes and formats. Inside, you can choose the size 20×100 with a natural finish, and outside the collection is available in 20MM in the 40×120 format, with a non-slip finish. Designed to increase the external potential of your home, the collection also has special pieces for pools and steps, for a perfect finish.
This collection incorporates Microban® technology to offer not only beauty and durability in our ceramic products but also biological safety in living, leisure and work environments.

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Captivating, Mémorable is a solution for those seeking differentiating spaces.
Mémorable takes us on a journey through the experiences and memories of amazing places, strongly inspired by the elements and the natural feel of stone. This collection is a fusion between history and modernity, between traditional and contemporary, between time and matter.
Its structures, which simulate the extraction and wear of natural stone, add body and personality. The surface finishes – Natural, Touch and Anti-slip – and the uneven edges are in themselves an attractive contrast, bringing the collection closer to a more rustic chic look. Mémorable is also available in 20 millimetres, with an anti-slip finish, prepared to adapt to the exterior of your home.
The application options range from the most traditional to the multi-format system, which is extremely versatile and allows you to combine the sizes available in the collection. This collection incorporates Microban® technology to offer not only beauty and durability in our ceramic products but also biological safety in living, leisure and work environments.

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Balance captures the true urban sphere and renews the industrial style. The result is the sum of several inspirations in cement, a contemporary symbol of current trends.
This collection, in a search for places to live and grow, puts a new spin between the balance of a ceramic collection and the minimalist style.
One of its main characteristics is the differentiation it can offer since the surface reflects distinctive features and a graphic intensity with fluidity and movement.
Its composition, a coloured-paste porcelain stoneware (Coloured full body porcelain), makes it suitable for use on walls and floors.
The trend today is the experiences and the simplicity of each moment. This collection suggests a minimalistic installation in common everyday places, with influences of a cementitious atmosphere.

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